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Laser Therapy for Fungus Nails (Onychomycosis)

Nail fungus (or onychomycosis) is a leading reason for patients seeking podiatric care. Not only cosmetically disturbing, it can result in pain, secondary bacterial infection, difficulty in nail trimming, and disability. It can also be associated with fungus infection of the skin on the feet (athlete's foot or tinea pedis).

While most prevalent in the senior population, it is also evaluated and treated by RIFC doctors daily on children, and young adults. Conventional treatment to date has included oral therapy over a few months (patients must have a normal liver history, and normal liver enzymes), and/or the use of a promising topical solution (Formula 3) dispensed at RIFC offices. And, of course periodic nail debridement by RIFC doctors on a regular basis is an integral component of the treatment plan.

However, RIFC will soon be offering an exciting and promising new treatment-laser therapy for nail fungus. Technicians, utilizing an FDA approved laser, over just a few brief treatment sessions spaced over a few months can isolate this painless therapy onto as many nails as desired. Unfortunately, the service is not insurance covered, but for selected patients it will represent a welcome remedy to what is often viewed as an embarrassing problem.

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